Did you know??

Did you know??

1) Once affiliated with a local Lab, the owner of ABQ Leak Locator deploys his engineering background utilizing "State of the Art" scientific methodologies which allowed the development of our proprietary Leak Locating technique. Our process is safe, effective, harmless and, removes the "guess work", 100% of the time. We guarantee it or, it's free. At ABQ Leak Locator, we don't make guesses.

2) We are not only "The least expensive" and, "The Most Accurate" leak locators, there are always 2 men are on every site; (the owner/lead engineer and, systems control technician), always providing a faster response time, a lesser cost and, a more efficient "Exact" leak discovery. Also, we try to avoid any hourly rates.

3) Beware! Local plumbers in Albuquerque may attempt to "copy" our techniques but, are unknowingly using sometimes dangerous, ineffective gasses which they know nothing about!

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ABQ Leak Locator